Kulwant Singh

Patron, KVCP

It has always been the Ernest desire of the Farming Community of Punjab to have an organisation which could probe its problems and come forward with practical remedies and convey them to the concerned authorities for their solutions. To achieve this end  some eminent and progressive farmers from the most of the branches of the agriculture got together and with the collaboration of the state government formed a  body of the farmers and named it as Kissan Vikas Chamber Punjab (KVCP). Since its inception, this organisation has been relentlessly endeavouring hard to protect and improve the lot of farmers and has been able to accomplish many deeds towards this end.

KVCP through its efforts by providing very rational representation to the Ministry of Finance was able prevent the imposition of GST on the dairy farming, poultry farming, stock breeding, the mere cutting of wood or grass, gathering of fruit, raising of man made forests and rearing of seedlings or plants (Nurseries) as all these items were to come under the GST net. Thus KVCP can claim to have not only saved the farmers of Punjab but of the entire nation from the irrational imposition of GST.

This Organization submitted number of representations to the worthy Chief Minister of Punjab acquainting him of various problems faced by the agriculture in Punjab and very rationally explained their solutions also. It is pertinent to mention here that all communications were considered positively and replied by their Office and some by the worthy Chief Minister’s Demi-Official letters. The subjects touched were regarding acute problem of receding water level, use of Bio-fertilisers and their production, adoption/ intervention of Electrostatic Spray System, problems of Dairy Farming and their remedies, various effects of climate change on agriculture and their remedies, to get financial assistance from United Nation's Green Climate Fund to tackle the problem of stubble burning and emission of green house gases in the atmosphere etc.

It is also added that after a meeting with the Special Chief Secretary (Horticulture), Punjab Government on 21-3-2017,our Members of Executive prepared reports in their specific field for the policy formation of Horticulture of Punjab State.

Our Organization was also instrumental in bringing many of the problems of the farming community in knowledge of the Central Government by communicating with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Finance Minister, Commerce Minister and many other concerned Departments of Govt. of India. A detailed representation was submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India explaining many problems concerning the Farming Community and their solutions on the rational basis. Our communication was received vide Registration number PMO PG/D/2017/ 0416049.and this representation was sent to Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare which was informed to us in a letter dated 12-12-2017.It is also pertinent to mention here that whether by way of providence or by our conviction the Government in its latest budget has accepted our demand to procure all the crops if their market prices fall below MSPs. But unfortunately this is being not followed and the KVCP will again stress on it for its sincere implementation.

The other issues pleaded were that Industry and Agriculture should be treated at par, one time complete loan waiver should be provided to the farmers, the loan waiver must be followed by such policies which ensure a remunerative and assured income to the farmers, marketing policy should be re-structured to reduce the gap between the farmer and the ultimate consumer by eliminating as many intermediaries as we can, Government should keep a strict watch on the activities of the developed nations in the WTO. It has been noticed that the subsidies which they have been providing to their farm sector are much more than than their entitlement under WTO's Agreement on Agriculture(AOA) which may increase their agriculture production and lower its prices. It will adversely affect the farmers of developing countries like India in both international as well as in domestic markets.

As all of us know that a farmer gets just 18 percent of what an ultimate consumer pays and the rest 82 percent is pocketed by a horde of intermediaries. To solve this problem a letter was written to the Hon’ble Prime Minister to stress on the need of allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in agriculture retail sector which is under the consideration of the Government.

A letter was also written to the Union Finance Minister to remove the anomaly from the Income Tax Act where live stocks like Diary, Poultry, fisheries and Apiculture are not considered as agricultural activities and their income is being taxed. All the literary, legal and scientific definitions of the Agriculture which very clearly establish that live stocks are an integral part of agriculture have been cited to bring clarity in the subject.

KVCP has been formed to work for a pious aim to ameliorate and improve the lot of our Farming Community which included its development in all the aspects of life. It is a cherished goal of providing economic freedom, social respect, excellent health of body & mind and a true zest to live and KVCP will play a big role in achieving this goal.

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